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We make a variety of high precision products for the automotive industry.

Other industries:

Always looking to use our expertise into other industries.

Some industries we supplied to are:


Bicycles (including E-bikes)

Kayak Paddles

Plumbing Connectors

Recreational and Marine engines, 

      including air filtration

We are involved in several Research and Design projects within the Automotive and Medical Industries.

For the Automotive industry, a large part of our R&D focus is involved in the conversion of metal parts to filled engineered resins. For the Medical industry we are involved in high quality precise North American built products. If you have a project that requires expertise in these areas or are interested in pursuing a challenging injection molding project please contact our sales department ( for inquiries.

With a focus on performance resins, we are able to optimize the injection molding process to achieve precision, strength and durability.

Parts produced by Dynaplas are typically used in High-temperature under the hood applications where precision manufacturing and quality part performance are critical, particularly in connection with drive train, transmission, fuel, brake, electrical connectors and other components and subassembly systems, using filled engineered resins.

Automotive areas

we are involved in:  

Automated Braking Systems
Braking Actuation and ABS

     Over-molding and Assemblies
Cognitive Safety Regulators
Door Electrical Conductivity
Electrical Modules
Fuel Systems
Safety Restraint Systems
Short Range Radar brackets

Thermal Systems