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One of the Dynaplas’ key competitive advantages is our ability to mould to very tight tolerances and specifications on consistent bases. Close monitoring and precise process control is the key to repeatable results.

Other capabilities include Mold flow analysis, Metal-to-Plastic conversion, insert molding and over-molding.

With 60 machines ranging from 12 – 550 tonnes, Dynaplas processes a variety of materials selected to give our customers the most cost-effective choice for their product. We maintain a close working relationship with our material suppliers and many solutions to customers’ needs are found through a team-based approach.

Quick Facts on our capabilities

Best in class molded part tolerance, flash and scrap levels

Best in class roundness, flatness, run-out, and harmonics.

Are able to produce Annual Volumes of over 4M / each part

Collapsing core with multiple parting lines

32 Cavity Multi Action Tooling

Multiple Size options per tool (inserts)

Automated Insertion and de-molding

Pre-heating of inserts to minimize hoop stress

Post cure – both air and oil

Automated Post mold assembly

2-Shot Moulding

Our In-house expertise:

Additional areas of expertise to develop and maintain quality results.

3D Technology

Assembly and Vision Systems

Tool Design and Fabrication

Quality Assurance

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If you are interesting in using our facility for developing a product with us, please contact our sales department ( for a quote.