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Dynaplas is always interested in pursuing many Research & Development Projects. Our engineering team is dedicated to expand the automotive (and other) industries understanding of plastics and the plastics industry. We are continually pushing our, therefore the industries limits of what can be done with plastic.

Kaizen - 5S Program at Dynaplas

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Fulfilling the Kaizen (5S) way of production, the Dynaplas team works together to focus on organization, cleanliness, standardization and ways to maintain these strict standards. We finds these values are integral to improve profitability, efficiency, service and safety within the workplace.


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Dynaplas is a company which continuously works on disciplined VA/VE activities. Our VA/VE endeavours include tool design, resin suppliers, product design and customer engineering. Our focus is on cost reduction from design through to production.

“Connection” Programs

Dynaplas is actively engaged in technical consultation among several Ontario Universities and Colleges.  Our programs are true Co-Operative partnerships; exchanging ideas and experience.

The Environment and Dynaplas

At Dynaplas, we are not only interested in technological advancements but how we can reduce our environmental footprint. We believe in being a good corporate citizen and embed this in our culture through our R.E.S.P.E.C.T. program - Reduce-Reuse- Recycle, Energy Conservation, Strive for Continual Improvement, Pollution Prevention, Encourage Employee Participation, Compliance with Regulations, and Targets and Objectives.

Some examples of how we have lessened our impact on the environment:

   Replacing older equipment with more energy efficient ones, replacing oil thermolators with water thermolators which eliminate oil use and reduce our energy consumption, utilizing high efficiency light bulbs in our plant and office areas, deploying motion sensors on lights, to name a few.

   All potentially hazardous fluids have been minimized by the use of safer alternates and the remaining materials are responsibly disposed through licensed waste disposal companies.

   Ensuring any by-products are reused within our plant such as resin regrind and over-moulded bearings. If it is an item which can no longer be used at our facility we ensure it is recycled or processed in a safe manner (e.g. metal, cleaning cloths, batteries).

Along with these items Dynaplas is always searching for innovative ways to be more efficient, reducing our carbon footprint. By continuously improving our use of energy and materials Dynaplas has earned ISO14001 certification.

Innovation at Dynaplas

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