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Toronto precision auto parts maker, NMC Dynaplas, Ltd, (‘Dynaplas’) has joined Canada’s fight against COVID-19. As the Global Economy and Borders closed in mid March 2020, the demand for auto parts was significantly impacted.  As a result, Dynaplas reacted quickly pivoting from auto parts to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE.)

Our design team were inspired by an open-source design from Glia Inc. and the Lynn and Arnold Irwin Advanced Perioperative Imaging Lab (APIL) at the University Health Network

In very short order, the Dynaplas Team designed, developed and commenced the massed production of the Health Canada approved Face Shields. The factory produced units for Canada’s Federal Government in late April 2020. Dynaplas’ President Jason Foulds noted, “I am very proud of the Dynaplas team that collectively embraced this opportunity to defend against the COVID-19 Pandemic. I am also very thankful for the support of the Automotive Parts Manufacturer’s Association (APMA) and Flavio Volpe’s team for helping Dynaplas
connect with the Federal Government”.

Dynaplas is further expanding its PPE product line and capacity to further support the defense of COVID-19. Dynaplas’ parent company, National Molding LLC is also tooling up to produce Face Shields for the US marketplace led by its Medical Products division in Largo, Florida.

Prominent US Physician and Epidemiologist, Michael Edmond recently said that face shields are the most effective protection against COVID-19. “Face shields are a simple solution that if implemented universally would have a major impact on public health… this may be our best intervention for preventing transmission in the community.”


Mylar Shield/Visor APET with Anti Fog
Moulded frame has stand offs for securing hairnet
Forehead non latex foam, polyester elastic headband, adjustable fastening slip
Face shield can be removed for cleaning/replacement - small tool required