Why I enjoyed working at Dynaplas

Some Testimonials from Co-op Students who have worked here

“Working at Dynaplas as an engineering co-op student has been the best learning experience of my undergraduate degree. Right away you are given projects that add real value to the company’s operations. The hands on learning and industry insight I took away from Dynaplas far surpasses the material I have taken from any class. It is a great team atmosphere where many very willing to help and set you up for success.”

“I think a co-op experience is a good example of a situation where you get back what you put in. I believe that Dynaplas has a lot of places where you can invest time and learn valuable knowledge in multiple domains. For example, I learned a lot about dimensioning tool and die with Jamie in the tool room. I also had the opportunity to develop my abilities with 3d printing and improve my problem solving skills at the same time. I also learned a lot about management, data collection, and organization as well as client interactions. Adding to all the previous things, I have a better understanding of the manufacturing industry, injection molding and the automobile sector. “

“Dynaplas is a great place to work because the managers allow me to pursue projects that I find personally interesting.  Rather than being given simple tasks, I am assigned larger, more comprehensive goals and allowed to find my own path to the end result.  This type of problem-solving work is much more engaging as a student and allows us to really participate in the company operations, rather than being given odd tasks here and there. The people working here are also extremely friendly and helpful, and they are all happy to offer their advice to work through a project. Overall, Dynaplas has been a great learning experience and I would recommend that any student with an interest in fast-paced manufacturing or business should apply. “

“Dynaplas offers a lot of valuable experience and hands-on work that gives a better understanding of engineering as a field. The in-house knowledge from senior staff, tool room workers, and maintenance personnel is extremely valuable and added a lot to what I learned this term. Working on projects without constant supervision helps develop many skills, and was a huge bonus to my experience this term.”

“It was a great pleasure to have worked at Dynaplas during my summer term. I was able to participate in so many different aspects; from working on the factory floor, to quality assurance, product design and optimization, equipment fabrication, visiting vendors, and communicating with customers – I felt like my presence and my contribution had real value. I had the warmest, most enthusiastic mentors and learned an incredible amount. The experience has given me practical skills and industry knowledge that I know I can apply wherever I take my career. “

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