New at NMC Dynaplas

December 5, 2018 – In anticipation of a new high volume product which requires air annealing, we installed our biggest oven yet; along with the supporting loading equipment.

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NMC Dynaplas specializes in high precision thermoplastic functional components and lightweight solutions.​ We are a one stop source for Engineering,  Tooling and  Development for Prototype and Production Parts .

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Innovation with Integrity is what NMC Dynaplas is all about. Pursuing new advancements in technology, while maintaining high standards in our production. 

Dynaplas is interested in cultivating ideas to create a better tomorrow.

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Welcome to NMC Dynaplas Ltd.

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Specializing in these areas of Manufacturing:

Performance Enhancement

High Friction and Wear

Improving Fuel Efficiency

Tight Toleranced Parts

Light-weighting Downsizing

High Temperature/Stable Thermoplastics

Increasing Thermoplastic Conductivity

Alternate Transportation